Matthew 25 Farm

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Internship Program

The farm is thrilled to announce a wonderful partnership with Syracuse University’s Falk College. 

We are looking for a student from the Falk College to perform a summer internship at the farm.  For those unfamiliar with this program, the food studies program takes a holistic, multi-level approach to food, from production through consumption.  We are honored that we can partner with this wonderful SU program.

Information for a prospective intern

A stipend as well as money towards transportation will be included.  Possible ideas for this student to pursue include:


  • Share in the responsibility of the hoop house production
  • Share in the responsibility for our small orchard
  • Coordinate distribution of produce with food pantries, soup kitchens and other entities who need fresh produce
  • Set up a much needed educational component to the farm.
  • Work with groups in the actual production of the food; assisting with planting, crop maintenance and harvesting.
  • Assist with social media, fundraising and grants.
  • Create/produce a much needed promotional video of the farm.
  • Develop your own sphere of interest.



If interested, please contact your advisor at Falk College. 

Thank you!