Matthew 25 Farm

The Matthew 25 Farm, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit public charity

Who we serve:

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Why we serve

We serve these pantries in order to reduce the consequences of food insecurities amongst Syracuse populations. A proper food environment encompasses needs that help to decrease the incidence of chronic conditions.

Food deserts refer to the inability to buy quality fresh food at affordable prices.
Food insecurity refers to the lack of reliable sources to in order to buy affordable and nutritious food, in needed abundance.

The choice to eat healthy is made difficult when individuals live in areas where they are influenced to eat what is available to them. This includes a lack of supermarkets in areas where poverty rates are higher than others. Areas where the prevalence of fast food chains, convenience stores, food cooperatives, gas stations, and more only provide poor nutritional food options for their community members have resulted in a lack of balanced diets. Factors that contribute poor nutritional diets are poverty levels, educational background, methods for transportation, and amongst others.

We serve pantries who share similar goals; to provide educational insight towards the food we eat and the nutritional value we can gain from them. We want areas where food insecurities are more prevalent to have safe access to the foods they need.